Permanent Cosmetics

Save time, money, and look great all day every day!

Permanent Cosmetics Make Life Easier!

Microblading and Eyebrows

Eyebrows are everything! Tired of penciling or drawing on your eyebrows daily? You can now have the eyebrow look you’ve always wanted whether or not you have any real eyebrow hair!

At Artistic Beauty Services there are several brow service options including Microblading, Shading, and Powder Brow procedures.

Lip Liner and Coloring

Do you have colorless or pale lips or are tired of expensive 18 hour lipsticks that really don’t last and constantly need to be reapplied after drinking or eating?

Permanent lip makeup procedures can give a defined line along the vermillion border and/or a full lip color that is totally smear proof and doesn’t come off on glasses or collars! Get perfectly kissable lip color that lasts all day and all night long with a lip procedure at Artistic Beauty Services. 

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner has been around since the ancient Egyptians walked the Earth. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning with eyeliner that truly lasts 24/7 and is completely water-proof? No more flaking and smudging!

Whether you wear it just on the top, just on the bottom, or both – Artistic Beauty Services has several eyeliner procedures and color options to choose from!

Areola Restoration Artistry

Giving you back what cancer took away.

Tattoo Elimination

Virtually painless, economic and easy way to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

Are Permanent Cosmetics for Me?

Ideal candidates for permanent cosmetics are those who want to have the ease and stability of sustained beauty enhancements. Professionals wanting to look their best at all times. If you workout or swim on a regular basis. Cancer survivors and those with medical conditions such as alopecia, thyroid issues or have allergies to topical makeup. People with dexterity and eyesight challenges. If you want to give yourself the freedom of just not having to apply traditional makeup, permanent cosmetics could be a worthwhile investment for you. The benefits of permanent cosmetics are endless and specific benefits will vary for each individual.

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